Welcome Amie to Hogtied We love hot flexible college students.

Amie makes her first appearance on Hogtied. Suffering under the aegis 5 punishing ties, she takes it like a qualified, and bent into impossible back breaking suspensions, she takes all we give her and more.

Making her cum over and over weakens her hard flexible body until she is just a plaything for our sport; each orgasm harder and longer then the hindmost, until she is completely weary.

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Lexie Belle: Pain is her pleasure

This little hottie LOVES to be fast & fucked till she is screaming! Bound tight she loves the sensations of grief & pleasure mixed well-balanced…

Made to impale herself on vibrators & whipped till she can’t stand any more, her body cries yeas as her lungs scream no!

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Camryn Kiss

The very sexual Camryn Kiss is a hot Brazilian girl who does her first bondage and sex scene with Mark Davis. She finds bondage to be challenging but it still gets her pussy wet and makes her cum!

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Pain slut, destroyed with pleasure. Massive orgasm overload totally implodes this whore’s brain.

Cheyenne Jewel prides herself on the amount of pain she can deal. She has trained her brain to enjoy the cramp. Not so much with extreme orgasm overload no matter what, not so lots..

The shoot starts with The Williams beating Cheyenne’s exposed ass and beating it showily. She has given us permission to mark her soft skin so we obey. We soon move on to a cane and work up and down her sexy legs and spend a lot of time on her feet. With her big toes tied to the floor her feet are perfectly exposed for some violation.

However the real fun is watching this pain slut become completely unglued when we make her cum over and over and out of reach of. The tears, the sweating, the begging, the screaming, more tears and begging. More brutal orgasms she can’t control or dam. Fun times, fun times…

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Tales of a Submissive Housewife

Candy Manson returns to porn after a two year break to do her first anal sex scene while in subjection! In this role play update, Candy is in a D/s relationship with husband Mark Davis. She is trained to prepare herself and to arrange various toys on display for him when he gets home from come to c clear up. She gets caught breaking the rules of conduct and is punished for his distraction. Including, anal making love, butt wad, nipple clamps, breast and ass excommunication, caning, orgasms, cock sucking, ball restraint, belt and rope serfdom.

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Tawni Ryden Back and Better Than Ever!

Tawni has been working old-fashioned! She comes back to us more hard-bodied and sassy than at all. Tawni likes to struggle and fight against the ropes and the massive orgasms. Luckily for us, she cant escape either ditty. She does give it a good fight although. In fact in part 4, she manages to fight hard enough that I get pulled below! I’m lucky she was tied up!

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Rain somehow makes it the entire hour. She suffers her final orgasm of the day Aftercare is next

Live Show Mondays brings you the conclusion of the June live show that featured Rain DeGrey and sexy co-top Isis Devotion.

Rain suffers though her last orgasm of the date. Isis gets to cum and squirts all over a brain-dead Downpour. Now it’s time for the Aftercare. Rain slowly comes back to reality from wherever she went; whatever part of her mind she retreated to, she slowly comes back to us.

Thank you Rain for enduring the most brutal orgasm scene we have ever witnessed here, or anywhere in the else in the mankind. We don’t think anyone could have done this but you.

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Hot flexible blond suffers a Category 5 suspension. Anal hook, heavy nipple weights, made to cum.

Tiny Rene Phoenix is a sexy Southern Belle. A total belly, with an amazing body and huge nipples. She is limber, and sturdy, a rare combination these days.

Sort 5 hogtied exclusion. Wrists and ankles. It doesn’t get more beautiful or difficult than that. Throw in a tight quip, an anal hook bound to the elbows and brutal nipple clamps with over a pound of weight on each and you have trickery.

Caned, abused and made to cum over and above. Our southern Belle is left hanging exhausted and suffering from the brutality of the vassalage..

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Slave Training Beretta James Day 4

Applicant Improve take advantage of

Influence: 105 lbs.

Measurements:: 32-24-34

Climax: 5’5”

Fears: Name area of expertise, degeneracy, ardour, and turkey

Strengths: Robustness, composure, and pain tenacity

Weaknesses: Emotionally labile, easily distracted, and is verbally lull

Trainee ID: 004.

Observations: She seems eager to please and is excited to be trained, but lacks self-assurance. Along with, she seems very highly-strung, which causes fidgeting and a lack of conviction when answering questions.

Recommendations: Sadistic tests of her pain tolerance level to see how she processes pest, as well as how her composure is during said examining. Find out what her reservations are about electricity and work to overcome her fear of it. Work on building her confidence and concentrate.

We start with a short review and decide that today is the day for her to be trained. We have to get her past her fear of collapse, and by breaking her, but reassuring her her, it shows 004 that she has not bed ruined. She is advancing quickly and this is the last day I have with her before her reckoning.

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Hot blond’s first time being made to squirt! Totally helpless, bound, & cumming so much it hurts

We are all very familiar with Chloe Camilla at this particular, if you don’t follow this girl on Twitter you definitely should. Anyway, Chloe is 100% material, and loves what she does. The last person that reminded me of Chloe is Sasha Grey and we all know how that has turned out so extensively.

This day was Chloe’s first ever professional porn develop. First ever anywhere, and this is also the first time Chloe ever squirted. She gushed like a broken water duct! She was bound down pretty tight and mystified, so we fingered her ass and pussy and vibrated her to multiple orgasms. So many that after a while they get a bit distressing. We never let up – we just made this girl cum over and over with no compunction!

If you’re in to collecting “firsts,” I would definitely get this burgeon. This girl is going to be rockstar famous some light of day, and you are going to want to imagine, “Hey I have her first porn shoot continuously, and you’re not going to believe what she did!”

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