Trina and Sgt. Major

Sgt Major has a prisoner in his room. Nothing quite like some fresh pussy to interest the Sgt! Trina struggles, she finds the bondage burdensome…it is like nothing she has ever experienced but when the Sgt starts fingering her and makes her orgasm, her bitchy attitude changes…she is now putty in his hands and he may do what he pleases with her…aagh, another pretty slave for his gleaning!

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Julie Night

First wrong, let me welcome Julie Night to Hogtied. Aide-de-camp, let me tell
you she
is a rare gem in a world of common stones. This shoot was one of
most extreme shoots in the past two years, in regards to corporal.
Julie truly gets off on the sorrow, a genuine pain slut. The harder we hit
her, the bigger the sigh of pleasure that escaped from her lips. The
harder we caned her foot the loader her moans of pleasure were. Truly
extraordinary, Julie loves the pain more then anybody I have seen since I
have been doing that, she laughed at the category FOUR deprivation. The Sgt and I double-team this girl and
do not let up. Julie: you won, and no one has ever won against Hogtied

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Lovely Lielani Submits to the Armory!

We get down and dirty in scene identical. Lielani struggles beautifully in the mud and ruthlessly bound in hemp in the first incident. A tight crosslegged balltie leaves her vulnerable and helpless to our abuse in a pool of sordid, cold Armory d. A very unusual and tough rope suspension has Lielani squirming and screaming in scene three. Bound and ballgagged in scene four, she is put into a below ground level tank. with a cage crack. The water is turned on and our heroine struggles in vain as the water level climbs. What will happen to our lovely shlemiel? Sign in or join up to find for all to see!

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Amber Rayne, Rain DeGrey, and Ariel X Part 3 of 4 of the October Live show

Live Show Mondays brings you usually 3 of the October live show that featured Amber Rayne, Rain DeGrey, and special guest co-top Ariel X.

Today’s extreme continuation of the October live show has both girls being bound down hard on to a Sybian. With their shoulders locked into place they have no hope of lifting off of the powerful vibrator. Both girls are multi-orgasmic so both are in for a long hard humbug. How many orgasm can someone really feel affection?

Lets add to it, lets make it really exciting. We add a rag to each girl’s mouth and then seal it with strip. The ultimate pun. Now add the brutal nipple clamps to each girl and slowly add weights to each dog-collar. Now lets make them cum harder then they have ever cum before and not give them a discontinuation. The Sybian does it job and soon both girls are cumming so hard they don’t even know their own names!

To finish off this update we zipper Rain just for lampoon, and this is only surrender 3.

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Sinnamon Love and Sgt. Major

Introducing two beauties!

Sinnamon Luv, 5’1 towering, 34DD breasts, the smoothest chocolate skin and a very brave demeanor that makes her even more off colour.

The Wheel of Bad luck, 10 feet absurd, cold steel and submerged in our curve tank… ready to be a challenge to any that dare to take a spin on it.

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Girl next door is bound in basement, her back pulled to the breaking point, can she keep conscious?

Welcome back Tiffany Tyler to Hogtied. This unusual, long legged, sexy flexible girl next door is simply astonishing. Let’s add strong and tough to that list to boot, because this tie is one of the most brutal things you can do to the human heart.

The ULTIMATE DOUBLE BORE, THE ULTIMATE PREDICAMENT SUBJECTION. Tiffany’s back is almost to the breaking mite; that in itself would cause most girls to tap outdoors. Extent, we make it even tougher by adding the rope to the neck. Tiffany must use all her stoutness, all her flexibility or slowly choke herself unconfined.

But that’s not all! We make her cum over and in excess of, weakening her, making her use valuable energy that will keep her aware. Each orgasm she has, hastens her trip into the darkness. Once the darkness grabs expatiate, once the slow choke out happens, her strength is sapped advance, faster, until there is no way backwards, only the blackness to look forward to…

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Hot Brunette is Tied Tight and Fisted in the Ass

Live Show Mondays component 3 of 3 of our October live show with hot-bodied co-top Isis Love and tough Amber Rayne.

The third tie of the day leaves Amber helpless and exposed. Her tongue is trapped between tiny sticks and she is made to suck cock while suffering through this brutal jest. Next she is bent over and fucked in the ass by both Isis and Matt. Finally she gets a fist shoved straight up her asshole and cums uncontrollably!

Live unscripted rope bondage at it’s ace!

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Welcome cute and innocent Amy Aveline to Hogtied. We love tying 19 year olds for the first time.

Amy stars in her first bondage shoot as a young woman talking to her Doctor about her growing fantasies. As
she flashes between reality and cabrication, she loses
curb, and finds herself forced, feeble, and orgasming.

19 year old Amy Aveline is truly the girl next door.
This natural beauty is beautiful, naughty, and so late. We
almost felt guilty about tying her down and making her come on camera for the first shilly-shally.

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Training of Alani Pi, Day One

I’ve been told that fear makes pussies wringing. When Alani Pi is taken to the Castle’s basement for formal slave training, she is made to face her biggest BDSM fears.

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Coma Patient

Holly Halston gives special sexual attention to one of her coma patients when no one is almost. The patient finally recovers and sets out to get revenge on this sexually twisted florence nightingale. Holly is tied up and dominated by Mark Davis in this fun role play update. Watch Holly Halston get caned and fucked in the ass while strapped down in hard subjugation!

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