Tyler, Lochai and Jenya

Jenya and Tyler make a perfect pair of victims for Lochai’s wicked take charge of. Once they are tied they are made to submit to all his desires, from drinking water out of their own pussies to being horses that carry him around the donjon. When he has to leave in a hurry he asks Jenya to finish taking Tyler out of her villeinage, but instead she decides to have some fun with her beforehand!

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Is this Downward Dog?

The very sexy Lindsey Grant has offered us her hot yoga body to abuse once repeatedly. Lindsey has a great ass: globelike, open, just the right balance of firm and wobbly. We keep things simple by creating a metal device to keep her head down and ass up. It’s a leading. We get full access to that delicious ass and Lindsey can’t see what’s coming next.

We smack that ass to a nice rosy pink, flog it, cane it, watch it grind on a Hitatchi, finger-bang it, make it finish in the money b be, smack it some more. This game never gets long-lived.

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Humiliated Cuck Covered In Cum

Dia Zerva plays a devastatingly sexy and cruel cuckoldress in this fantasy update. Dia’s closing up shop at her bar but not before she picks up the hottest cock in the compartment. It doesn’t take long before they are sucking and fucking while her pathetic cuck slaveboy is made to watch in maidenhead. He’s humiliated and punished for having such a weak little dick. He’s butt fucked while Dia’s bull rests his feet on her slave’s late. He’s made to lick Dia’s asshole clean so her new found fuck can slide in nice and heartfelt. Dia has orgasm after orgasm while her cuck is tied up and made to mind. But, Dia saves the best for last and gives this worthless cuck the ULTIMATE depreciation! Watch and find unconscious! If you’re a fan of cuckolding don’t miss watching Dia like you’ve never seen her to come. Divine cruelty!

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Seven Slave Intake Extreme Bondage, Exhausting Exercise, & Overwhelming Orgasms Expose the Weak

The potential trainees arrive the evening before the shoot and are numbered. Taking away their identity is the first step in breaking them down and rebuilding them the way we want them to be. They are caged and left overnight with anxious anticipation of what the following day holds for them.

Morning comes and they are awaken and brought to me for set. There are a few that stand out right from the start, and they are made an example of for the rest to court. With seven girls petitioning, we must eliminate the weak as soon as they show signs of it. We are only looking for the top of the class for our slave training.

We then test them on pain endurance using sadistic nipple torture with clover clamps and excessive onus. We are now down to four girls and they are all placed on sybians for orgasm denial training. The competitiveness between all of them is amazing to notice of.

We finish the day with exhausting exercising to see who has the determination to push themselves the hardest for the spot as the new trainee. It comes down to two and the decision is made for our new trainee, and the other is sent away.

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Scene 4/4 of Nov’s show: Brutal gag, devastating orgasms, a crotch rope from hell! Total suffering!

Live Show Mondays continue with piece 4 of 4 from November’s show with the delectable Isis Love co-topping the vulnerable Kaylee Hilton.

Straight from the brutal hogtied suspension right into the next action, our little slut with braces has not had one break all time. Bound spread against the madden, Kaylee gets the ultimate in hoods and gags. A pair of black pantyhose covers her notwithstanding, a plastic bag goes on next. Black tape then gags and blindfold our helpless butt. The nose is cut out so she can breath normally.

We start by abusing that rock devotedly, big-titted heart. Isis Love plays with Kaylee and makes her cum over and over like a common whore. We then add a devastating crotch rope and a 20lb tonnage. Kaylee can do nothing but moan and suffer as the rope crushes her clit. How much pain can she haul?

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Danny Wylde gets his prostate milked by Bobbi Starr!

ďťżďťżďťżBack in the day a naive Danny Wylde was a regular on Men In
Pain and Divine Bitches. Danny decided to stop subbing and
instead top on Kink.com’s other sites saying we would NEVER
see him back here over. But, they all say that and here Danny
is again submitting and helplessly giving up control to Mistress
Bobbi Starr.

This shoot is emotionally intense with a real connection between
Mistress Starr and Danny as she gets in his head and whips him.
Miss Starr stuffs his face with a dildo gag riding his head to
orgasm centimeters from his lips without ever giving him a form.
Danny then gets pegged deep and Bobbi milks his prostate to the
point that Danny is bubbling over with cum uncontrollably.

Welcome back Danny!

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Sara Faye

Nice, uncomplaining, and very titillating, Sara Faye is becoming more beautiful every time we see her here at the Kink.com studios. And what a joy to work with. She took everything in stride, never complaining at a go. I definitely look forward to the next chance to play with her.

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The Training of Madison Young, Day One

Applicant Silhouette



Frame of mind: Masochist

Fears / Current Limits: Abandonment, being ignored.

Strengths: Able to conduit / erotisize pain very ok. Very flexible and well versed in vassalage. Sexually adventurous and easily energetic. Orgasms through perspicaciousness.

Weaknesses: Applicant is unfamiliar with service and considers herself ‘selfish with her stitch’. She does not understand how to erotisize the satisfaction that comes from a ‘job well spent’.

Sample: Many years experience in commercial BDSM as well as in her personal dazzle. Very drastic, committed player and activist in alternative sexualities.

Current Standing: Currently petitioning for a D/s contract with James.

Initial Observations: Applicant wishes to be trained as a service oriented sign up for.

Applicant is a greedy little cunt and cannot get enough cock to satisfy herself. Her insatiable appetite is the largest inhibitor to her D/s experience because she is currently so involved in her own pleasure that she cannot see the significance of professional care.

She is a bondage and pain slut, a good effects, but again she derives her pleasure from receiving the sensations. Once things cross into a territory that she does not find personally exciting she begins to close down. Over, to experience the joys of service she must remain open to the dominant’s pilot.

Recommendations: Take away her right to masturbate and punish her immediately for infractions. She has already broken this in the main. While punishing her greedy cunt, teach her the difference between correction and imprisonment.

Applicant can be evasive when questioned. Teach her the value of answering a direct question quickly and succinctly by ordering her into very stressful positions for extended periods of stage.

Demonstrate her blow job skills and refine her know-how. She is very sloppy and needs to learn to give a tidy blow job when prescribed. Order her onto all fours and teach her to pleasure a cock with her pussy.

Teach her the value of remaining clean and available for use at all times by shackling and scrubbing the shit out of her in a cold shower cell. Deliver her to her quarters to complete her homework and video catalogue, where she will be kept under curfew for her entire week of training.

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Madison Young

Like fine wine, Madison Young just keeps getting better with meanwhile. She has matured into a beautiful young cleaning woman, confident in her kink and sexy as criticism. She struggles onerous, orgasms harder and gives us quite a thrill here at Waterbondage.
Thanks so much Madison!

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Pain Slut! : Sister Dee is pulled three ways

The write “Pain Slut” is not used lightly nor is it a negative connotation. “Pain Slut” is only used as a badge of honor with woman who are masochists who derive pleasure from dolour. Sister Dee is at the top of this bulletin.

One of “anything” is not enough for her. She requirements 3 sets of clamps on her sensitive nipples, 2 bowling balls in the swim, 3 dildos shoved in her tight holes just to get her warmed up!

One of the most beautiful woman in the BDSM panorama, I just had to have her to play with on camera. Her mixed cries of pain/pleasure were music to my ears & I think will have the same effect on you…

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