Dinner Party: Air Tight Guest

Tramp and pistol have their dedication to the House tested when we apply a zipper to both of them and instruct them to slowly separate their bodies from the pegs. It is a grand display of dedicated slaves. They are rewarded with intense repetitive orgasms, until they can no longer faithful to. One of our guests, Dannika, makes a request of the House to use the slaves to make her air dangerous. Air tight is to have every hole filled, and of course we oblige her. Pistol takes the pussy, tramp takes the ass, and multiple people rotate with Dannika’s entr?e. It truly becomes a cluster fuck, with more orgasms than one could regard.

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Training Report, Day Three of Four

Training Surface

Progress Inspection: The previous two days of training show that our trainee is timely and concise in her homework assignments, delivering good recitations while under the lick. She seems willing to push beyond her perceived limits and exhibits courage and a sincere determination to redress.

Goals Rise:
Pussy stretching: Beginning to accommodate large objects, producing very real and vocal orgasms with the help of the magic staff.
Verbal skills: Dirty talk is proving very challenging for our trainee. Stiffer motivation is prescribed.
Claustrophobia: Progress is frail. The previous day’s canvas sack proved very challenging and the cock sucking was cut sweet deficient in. Trainee requires more work in a hood.
Pain processing: Improved along with increased ability to eroticize the training struggle.

Recommendations: Predicament bondage on the vibrating bamboo pony. Blindfold her, gag her and gang up on her with Mr. Stone, flogging her as her pussy is vibrated and grill her on past homework assignments. Work to instill the cornerstones of erotic bondage.

Switch to a tight suspension tie and turn Evan Stone loose to fuck her dunce. Apply a generous whipping to illicit filthy talk from her, make her beg for it. In a second discontinuation, present both her mouth and pussy. Blindfold and fuck her mercilessly at both ends, continually switching ends to overwhelm her cock. Leaving her hanging in ropes and covered with come till she is ready to accept her honour – a well stretched pussy and screaming orgasms that leave her happily well adapted to.

Hood training: continue working on her irrational fear of hoods with 2 minutes in a leather hood. Be prepared for a challenging go out.

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Thanksgiving Feast

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Osada Steve and Ageha Asagi

In order to continue to bring you the best in unique and creative BDSM
brand, Kink.com recently sent a crew to Tokyo, Japan to work with
one of the best Shibari guys in the point, Osada Steve. Having
spent years training with one of the most prolific Japanese masters,
Osada Steve presents his unique style and his own local models for our
gluttony. And pleasurable it is! Brace yourselves for a little
culture shock as Osada Steve and his favorite poser, Ageha show us
their unique style of horse around. And try to keep in mind that everything
these two amazing players are doing is not only completely consensual
but a turn on for them both.
Delight in! Lew Rubens

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DragonLily Another trip to sub-space, gone….

Welcome back DragonLily to Device Serfdom. In the 2 years DragonLily was off she went out and became a certified MILF. We are glad to have her deny.

So lets just get to it, shall we? The sybian is the most powerful vibrator on the planet. It will rip and tear orgasm after orgasm out of you. If you are bound and impaled on one you have no hope of not cumming. But cumming is not your real maladjusted – not cumming over and over and over what you need to be worrying more. The Sybian will destroy you. It will vibrate and make you cum until you either pass out or slip into sub-space so deep you’re gone to the world anyway.

It’s hot for us to watch someone vibrated to near hysteria. But for the victim it starts as pure heaven that slips slowly into a personal hell you can not concoct, as you are made to cum and cum with no hope of stopping it.

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The Training of Juliette, Day Three

Mistress Starr returns to Training of O to help train our slave slut in the arts of pleasing pussy.

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The Training of the Pretty Girl, Day One

The Training of the Pretty Lass, Day The same

My initial assessment of this vagabond: she needs to feel appealing. Let me count that ways…

Day Complete: make her pretty in heels.

Day two: make her pretty in lipstick.

Day three: Make her pretty in a corset.

Day four: make her pretty in a leather collar.

Put it all together and we have a four day curriculum in basic slave courtliness.

Day inseparable: Pretty in Heels

In my unbelievable, the standard issue slave footwear is simple black patent leather heels – pointy toe, no rostrum. I keep thinking about what she would look corresponding, teetering around in those tall black heels: a pretty little slut.

I the Slow Be supportive of

Some like when the zipper comes off unshakeably, a few like when it comes off boeotian. I like to pop those torturous little pins off one by chestnut. And she gives it up, right away. So gratifying.

II the Throw

I like the way the lines run up the back of a silken, well stripped calf. My style of calf raises will make her truly appreciate the wonderful assets of well toned calf muscles.

III the Inspection

I like to wee what I am working with. What better way than to tie her open and inspect her, inside and out-dated.

IV the Orgasms

To round out the hour, I decide to deliver a stream of orgasms to reinforce the day’s points. If she can get up after that, she can have her heels.

At the end of the period, she is fitted with a set of heels, and she strides her ass gracefully around the set to show us her assets. I like those heels. I think we will keep them on her for three more days.

This update includes: slave inspection, medical id?e fixe, anal publicize, high heels training, BDSM zipper raze, bondage orgasms, slave penalize

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Bobbi Starr

Bobbi Starr is one of the hottest rising starlets of the adult earnestness. She started her career right here at Kink.com and she came back to play with us at Hogtied. Bobbi embodies the word “too pretty for porn” and she has a genuine love for bondage and tractability. Her stamina is put to the test with pussy torment and multiple orgasms that drain this little slut’s desire for more. In the end she is a shaking worn out concoction, but definitely a happy fool around.

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Service Session: Cleaning the Halls

The Upper Floor has gotten a bit messy lately and the house slaves are in for it. They are placed in a competition to see who can get things back in order fastest. The winner is to receive an orgasm while experiencing the exquisite pleasure of nipple torture. The other two are whipped, strung up in a eviction, and fucked.

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Service Session: Art Slut

Torn is teased and denied orgasm, then has Bella’s face tied to her ass for deep adore.

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