Casting Couch 3 Former stripper finally gets her bondage wish!

Sasha’s no sexual learner, and she regularly videotapes her own sexual exploits. But when it comes to BDSM, though she’s been tied up, she’s never been subjected to the loving attentions of an expert rigger. We introduce this eager explorer to a place she’s never dinosaur — a country where hawser, ball-gags, and vibrators are the national currency.

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Fantasies of a Submissive Wife

Kristina Rose is a bored house wife who has sexually fantasies of her husband doing the kind of cruel things to her that she truly desires but would not dare ask instead of. In one fancy, she is tied to a tree on the side of the road by the driver. She is stripped down right in front of her husband and fucked for his lark. Then she imagines the damsel, Lizzy London, being brutally fucked along with her in bondage by both men. There are some intense scenes with hard fucking and anal sex in this erotic role play fantasy update!

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Sexy all natural 20yr old with full C breasts does her first Hogtied shoot. Love the cute ones

Welcome Tessa Taylor to Hogtied. This super attractive 20yr old has ingenuous, full C breasts and has done bondage in her private memoirs. She likes being the boss, but she doesn’t have a choice today.

Tessa has done Bondage for other general public, but that doesn’t mean anything here. We never assume just because she did this or that for someone else that she can do it here, nor do we assume she would want to. As a professional we have the duty to slowly work with new girls and find out what she can or cannot steer. So this is the Meet and Receive, where we probe the girl’s strengths and weaknesses, then base the rest of the day on the information we gathered first imminent. This is the safe and correct way to proceed with someone you have never worked with in the future.

Tessa is told to put her own gag on and put it on orderly. We have her strip out of some of her clothes and we have her tease us with her hot natural bulk. She loves that, she feels in dominate. We bind her hands up and stretch out her body and that feeling of control instantly vanishes. We then subject Tessa to painful servitude. The cane, nipple clamps, and weights. We flog her, we study her reactions, we learn from her, we read her. Each girl is many. Each girl is different every time you work with them. Soon we make Tessa mewl, be very uncomfortable, and cum. She cums hard and then is left to suffer in a brutal tie that has her calf on fire, her wrist aching, as she is made to stand on her tip toes. First-rate!

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Lorelei Lee Sensory overload.

Lorelei Lee endured sensory overload in this intense Device Bondage sight. Gagged, blindfolded, caned, flogged, and made to orgasm over and ancient history.

As if trapped, standing barefoot, and squatting on jagged concrete wasn’t adequacy, Lorelei suffers though a most intense furore. Heavy breath place, nipple suffering, and some of the hardest orgasms cause Lorelei to sign on “subspace”. A phenomena that must be watched to be settled.

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Service Day: Promotion

In the wake of Jessie Cox, the House needs a new slave consort. Grace and Sin compete for the arrangement, but the new consort will accept the collar with a round of punishment and tests.

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Felony You have NEVER seen anything like this before, WE PROMISE!

Well it turns out too many orgasms can almost be poisonous, at least to Felony. If you think you have seen Felony cum and squirt earlier, you haven’t seen anything to this day.

We estimated over and beyond 1/2 gallon of liquid squirted out of Felony’s body during her helpless ride on the sybian. Her body just let go and her mind just left her. There are no words to describe what happened. I can only tell you what happened after the whereabouts.

She was carried to the tete-?-tete, and for as surplus 20 minutes she would not respond as she was that far gone into subspace. After 30 minutes she recognized her name and could blankly look in your captaincy. We couldn’t even do the post interview until the next hour. This girl was totally wrecked from the most brutal orgasm scene ever shoot on video.

This to date is the most extreme orgasm scene we have ever pellet. That my mates, is saying a group!

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Two FEMDOM MILFs destroy 21 year old slaveboy!

Mistress Francesca Le and Goddess Nicki Hunter join forces and swamp 21 year old Tyler Alexander! He’s strung up from his wrists, teased, tortured, poked, prodded, whipped, CBT’ed and humiliated. Tyler is strap-on ass banged by both sexy MILFs and also fisted like a dirty little ass slut while worshiping, licking and sniffing the mistresses asshole!! Last but surely not least his nice slave cock is used as a dildo and both these horny MILFs ride this buck like their is no tomorrow ripping every bit of cum from his ripe balls!

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LAMENT: A Ghost Story

Halloween is here again and this time I bring you KEEN OVER: A Ghost Untruth!! Gabriel finds himself lonely in a porn theater waxing nostalgia over his three missing girlfriends. Is he the one to reprimand? Will justice ever be served? Gabriel’s deep seeded kinkiness comes out as he day dreams about each of them coming back to haunt him and give him the proper femdom treatment or is this really all just based in genuineness? That is for YOU to resolve! Serfdom, embarrassment, wicked tease and veto, crisp, flogging, cbt, foot reverence, strap-on ass fucking and aggressive dominant sex are all included!

I hope you have as much fun watching this as we did making it for you!


Maitresse Madeline

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Jamie Huxley and Mark Davis

Beautiful Jamie is very excited about her first BDSM scene and ready for the test. Mark Davis does an excellent job pushing her to the max. Bound in a wooden size up, she courageously takes his cock down her throat and gets rewarded with the magic baton. Great SM sex follows making this update highly erotic and stimulating.

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Bonnie’s Nightmare An Electrosluts Feature

Anyone who’s been a Co-ed knows this nightmare very correctly. You’re in a classroom all unescorted. The professor is spinning nonsense at you. You realize you know none of the material she is talking about and completely unprepared for your final exams, which you have to complete RIGHT THESE DAYS! All of a sudden your professor realizes you’ve come to class with absolutely no clothes on! Through, Bonnie Day takes this nightmare ten steps further and turns it into a Lez Dom Electro BDSM fantasy nightmare. Where the innocent, tight bodied newbie exploits her nerdy side and begs Professor Lorelei Lee and Teacher’s Assistance Ashley Fires to teach her how to be sexy in the hopes of being not only an A+ Slut but an overachieving A++ Electroslut! Watch and see if Bonnie can achieve her goals or if in the end she’s just an F- failing NERD.

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