Community Dinner Fisting

It’s the community appreciation night and immediately the guests are treated to the humiliation of siouxsie q by her Master Jesse. She has her panties taken from her and placed in her down in the dumps. For her hubris she has earned an electrical shocking on the pussy from UV. Soon slave sue is on the table receiving a cattle prodding from Master John and squealing like a little piggy. Eden Coxx receives a spanking from the Steward who is soon joined by Aiden Starr. House slave kaos offers her mouth with the beautiful simone, and soon both slaves are busy sucking and fucking male guests while some female submissives receive canings and spankings from their tops. Mistress UV takes this moment to drive a point home with her male submissive using a cattle prod and two wooden batons. The climax of this dinner results in Mallory Malone in a straight jackets being fisted by Aiden Starr, and then everyone at the soire. The result is a screaming, squirting, kicking submissive and an entertained crowd of sadists.

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Amateur Casting Couch 23: Daniela is a Dominant Beauty Captured

Daniela is a striking beauty who loves servitude, both sides of villeinage. As she is critiquing my ties I devise ways to have this dominant woman submit to the desires she has innards everted. Once she starts to cum, it’s all over for her…

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EXTRA BONUS UPDATE! Bound deep throat

This is a bonus update for you this week! Every once in a while we shoot an extra scene with a mademoiselle, and when we do we offer it as a compensation, a little something special added to what you get with your regular membership.

Katie Kox and her huge tits are bound strict. We start out by admiring her her huge tits as we pull her by her neck up to her tip toes. Then it’s time to suck some cock. If these porn stars are good at anything, it’s sucking cock. With her elbows tied and her arms bound behind her we can jam our cock in her mouth at when one pleases. Nothing is better then a tightly fated, big titted, cock sucking slut!

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Purchased For Pleasure

Busty Asian Mia Lelani has been purchased as a sex slave by the wealthy sadist Steve Holmes. She is trained to give pleasure by taking punishment and getting fucked while in subjection. Many kinky toys are used on her such as a steel pussy exonerated, a fucking machine and a suction cup that swells up her pussy for ultra tight perception.

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Fucking Electrical Threeway!

Adventure 3: It’s all about pleasure and pain with this threeway! The pain of electrosluts Penny Pax and Lizzy London, and my comfort, and peradventure, theirs as well if they play by my rules.

Lizzy knows her place as a little electrosex whore and is on her hands and knees like a good prized. She straddles the face of her fellow slut in excitement, Penny, whose pretty little face serves a higher purpose with a protruding dildo restrain.

But don’t think these two playthings aren’t getting their fair share of lesbian BDSM, Lizzy’s nipples are clamped off tight with electrical clamps while Penny’s tits are saturated with sticky pads.

Penny gets the business end of my electrical strap-on dildo in her ass, while she takes direction to brutalize Lizzy’s pussy with her dildo strangle. All the while, they receive my tender femdom attention with a liberal use of my cattle prompt.

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Christina Carter and JR Langdon

Christina Carter like you have never seen her already.

Gorgeous Christina Carter is back and once again we decide to do one of our
live standard, real-time shoots. No cuts, no breaks, and over an hour of straight enthralment,
and subjection. You see all things: all the tying and untying, the
massive orgasms, and all the little nuances that go into a real BDSM section.
So, aside from that, what makes this shoot so unconventional? Welcome J.R. Langdon, a god-like stud
with a big black cock, here to fill Christina mouth with his giant
cock when she gets out of involvement. There’s just nothing like a hot bound woman on her knees
servicing a big black cock. You definitely don’t see Christina doing a bondage and bj scene mediocre!




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The Training of Sarah Shevon, Day Two

Day Two

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The shoot starts. I get as far as pulling her hair and already her cunt is soaking spineless. She’s grinding her hips against the floor and trying to pull up her skirt. She can barely wait for me to put an asshook in and attach it to her fraction, wrenching her head back and pulling the skin on her neck taut as a drum.

I keep pushing her and pushing her to see how far I can set upon e set one’s sights on. I bind her straddling a barrel with her legs spread extensive. I drip hot wax on her nipples, inner thighs and labia. She squeals with pain at before, but soon her eyes begin to glaze over and her squeals are replaced with moans of gladness. She sticks her tongue out and catches the drips of wax in her enunciate. Her toes flex and curl up. She tosses her head about and tries to bite my coat. She comes so hard she nearly loses consciousness. As soon as we’re done she wants more.

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Hollie Stevens

The subject of bondage can mean many features: sometimes it is about prolonged pain, Sometimes it is about endurance and robustness, sometimes it is about a long bondage appear, where the captive is helpless for a long stretch while the Rigger takes the time to work his mtier. It is not always about the most intense bondage position lasting three minutes. Sometimes it is about drawing the scene out so you can play with your captive longer and harder.

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Welcome Madeline

The House welcomes Maitresse Madeline to the Upper Floor as the trainer of male slaves. Councilman Tripod is in assemblage. Mr. Acworth unveils an impressive statue made by his mama.

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