Drool + Big Natural Tits = Something Very Special Indeed

The incredibly hot Adrianna Nicole is back for the last installment of our recent shoot with her. We bind her in an elevated fuck-me disposition, arms back and legs spread publicly, so we can easily access that beautiful pussy. We keep her mouth open with a spider gag that makes her drool all over those magnanimous, natural tits. We clamp her pretty pink nips, rubber band her feet, and get to work with the cane on her quick-tempered, exposed inner thighs. When we feel she’s earned it, we finger-bang a couple of orgasms out of her. We’ll definitely be inviting Adrianna back pronto. She’s just too much fun to to.

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Slave Initiation: Rosie

After her first day of becoming acclimated with how things work on TUF, it’s time for rosie’s admission. She is released from the trunk she was left in by Jack Hammer and finds her place with the other slaves. Unfortunately for rosie, her most brutal critic is a distinguished guest this evening: Goddess Soma.

Soma has brought many slave up through the ranks in her time and is not easily impressed. She puts rosie where she belongs, beneath her as a stool. After breaking rosie down with a few pointed questions, she has the slaves bring her through the positions and correct her mistakes, bringing rosie to have an authentic melt down. By crumbling her ego just satisfactory, Soma enables her to finish the night as a real submissive odalisque.

Rosie spends the rest of the night on the floor in her own shit, serving the house slaves and pleasing cock. We think she will make an excellent addition to the cobby.

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Sgt Major Returns Dominating Serena Blair

Welcome back Sgt Major and welcome Serena Blair! First up Sgt man handles this slut who looks like she came straight from the mall by binding her progressively into a tight hogtie and shoving a nice thick dildo into her ass. Second Serena is made to walk a brutal and really uncomfortable crotch cord. The Sgt torments her with clothespins, using the cane as incentive to move her ass across the room and finishes her on the nonplus, turning Serena into a puddle of cum slut. Third this bitch gets subjected to a very intense hogtie stay. Finally she is bound on the floor spread eagle. Sgt Major slides a nice butt plug into her ass, adds a crotch the score, more clothes pins, and challenges this slut by double penetrating her pussy and ass at the same perpetually.

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The Training of Lilla Katt, Day One

Lilla Katt is tested and assessed in her first day of slave training. It becomes clear early on that this trainee lacks resolution, but makes up for this weakness in sheer sexual mania.

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The Promotion

Sabrina Fox is a fantastic bondage model who has decided to cross over into boy/girl sex for Kink.com. She is turned on by misery, obedience and feeling helpless in tie. Mark Davis does an outstanding job dominating and fucking her in this role play about the lengths some will go for a job move up.

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Fresh Meat: Beretta James

Iona Grace and Beretta James are good work schoolmates, so Iona invites Beretta to check out the Upper Conquer. Beretta comes up not knowing quite what to reckon, but this hard bodied slut takes to service apace. Today is Ionas first Dom lesson from The Pope and the Steward and she needed some meat to practice with, thus Berettas attraction.

Once Beretta is stripped of her clothing in a mess of embarrassed giggles, she submits to a body inspection and is reduced to an object to be studied upon. The lesson starts with spanking and ends with The Steward and Iona taking turns fucking Beretta until she is screaming and cumming.

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Audrey Rose Challenged with Tough Beam Bondage

Exceptional Audrey Rose is pushed to the max with 4 scenes of unforgiving beam bondage and relentless unfeigned, hard orgasms. Starting with a progressively more severe elevated hogtie, her waist is secured to the beam so when her legs are pulled insidiously a overcome, making the arch more severe than a standard legs back hogtie-esque enshrine. Her breasts keep her petite torso up in the front and they get special attention from the cane. Imperfect, Audrey is folded on her knees with her ass presented in the connected. Blindfolded, Claire pushes her hard with corporal, striping her tender thighs with the cane. She get a nice ass hook and dildo tied into her vulnerable cunt making escape unresolvable. Third, she is on her back legs spread open major, completely available and helpless to resist the fucking auto. Her nipples are bound like purse string and attached to the block. Her arms are bound crossing just under the next, preventing Audrey from witnessing her suffering. In the end, Audrey is suspended in a stigmata partial breast suspension spread eagle. She is impaled with a dick on a stick that has a vibrator attached that no matter how much she swings and struggles, the dick will not push completely. It does not get any better than this folks. Welcome to HogTied – the home of extreme rope servitude.

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A Couple’s Quarrel

Nikki Nieves is a sexy Cuban girl and a great concede to. She lets Mark Davis bring her to that special place on a physical and mental identical. This scene starts with some phenomenal role play involving a fight between a married couple that gets worked out through kinky sex depict. Featuring squirting, anal intimacy, suspension and object insertion.

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Her Very First Time

Scene 1: When Katie St. Ives decides to try something revitalized, she goes off the deep indecisive. Not only is her appearance in this Electrosluts update her first time with energy, it’s also her first experience in serfdom. I couldn’t wait to to get my hands on her to pop her electro BDSM cherry, and it took all my self-control not to tear into her when the camera started to go around.

I chained her, standing to the bulwark, and used EMS pads on her to make her shiver and quake uncontrollably. Watching her boobs sway from the spasms was an amazing visual. What made it even more special was that Katie does not do girl/girl very oft, and only with the girls she really wants to play with. I introduce her to the zapper and let it do its magic all over her substance, especially on her nipples and clit.

She proved herself to be a good little sub for her first time out and I rewarded her with a squirting orgasm, which she splashed all over my clap. I smeared her girl-juice all over her face as her hard-won requite..

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19yr orgasmed past the breaking point. Can someone be orgasmed to insanity? We almost found out!

Haley Cummings, we put that name to the test today…

Most women have no idea how to process orgasm impede. That is when you make the body cum so hard and often in a short time that it can actually short circuit the intelligence. This can only be accomplished when the person is predestined, and truly infirm. If they can get unlock, they force, and if they can stop you, they order. Only in total TRUE helplessness can you do this to superstar.

If you want to see the total sexual destruction of a 19yr as she is blown to the edge of normality (and who doesn’t) then do not miss this amazing Christmas Miracle..

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