Thanksgiving: Part Two

During this update the party moves from dinner to the lounge for some hot making out, BDSM, and servitude. Bobby Bends uses pixie like a little fuck knick-knack, folding her in half and fucking her over the divan. House slave kaos has brought a new woman, and soon is teaching her how to squirt all over the fittings. Master John and slave sue enjoy an intimate caning scene by the fire while Dan suspends a Naomi Merlot, makes her deep throat his cock, and when he is done throws her to a hungry young couple who fuck her on the floor like a whore. The night also includes spanking with Nerine and Iona, flogging and domination by Eden, and a spectacular double fisting scene with a gorgeous female guest and kaos.

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Mellanie Monroe A tribute to the classic Insex (1999-2001)

Welcome Mellanie Monroe – hot and tan with huge natural breasts. She is one of our hottest sexually charged MILFS.

It is no secret that Matt Williams worked for Insex during the golden years. Much of his aesthetic and style was born working for PD over the years. So today we give tribute to the art that was born from the mind of PD. The classic big titted blond, the tight breast vassalage, the authority, the position of the nonsuch. But more famously the tape check, pantyhose mask and black tape around the eyes. So today we give honor where honor is straight membership fee.

The similarities stop at the art respect – in today’s update Mellanie suffers not hard impact play or hard SM torture, but sexual torture. She is made to cum, over and more than, breath play and orgasm after orgasm leaves this MILF wrecked and wondering what the fuck just happened. Sub space is an amazing wonder.

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Justine Joli: Bobbi Starr Electroslave!

Part 4: Has Justine proven herself to be cohesive? To be raunchy? To please at the highest unchanging? To Truly submit to me? I leave her completely unbound. I want her to prove to me that she can control her body and her reactions without the crutch of subjection. Electricity can be surprising; sometimes it will send unexpected jolts throughout your entire fraternity. I want Justine to prove that she knows how to keep her composure. If I take her on as my own personal Electroslave I want to know I’m possessing a lady.

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Kitchen Service

This is an impromptu bondage scene in which The Butler decided to hang TTOO slave girl Sparky

from the pot rack in a tight rope debarring. The Governess soon joined in with house slaves Jessie Cox

and Kait Snow, plus a bottle of maple syrup. Just another day in the manor-house.

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Whore Pride

Carly Parker takes pride in being a slut and a whore. She’s a little nervous about bondage and SM but the idea of being fucked too excites her. Carly is gagged, certain, manhandled, punished and fucked in every available whole by TJ. Her large DD breasts are tied up, smacked and groped. She’s allowed to cum as a reward for her submission and then her bound body is sprayed with cum.

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Part 3/4 of Augusts Live Show: Tutorial on how to tie a Japanese box tie w/Long brutal face fucking.

Live Show Mondays begins the month with play a part 3 of 4 of our August live show with hot-bodied co-top Isis Love and sexy Audrey Rose.

This time we turn the scene into a tutorial in how to properly and safety tie a traditional Japanese box tie with a breast wrap included. We go slow and talk our way through the entire stop. If you would like to better your rigging skills don’t miss this educational backdrop.

Well now that we got Audrey helpless and comfortable lets take advantage of this great tie and her huge freshness. It’s time for some cock deification. Audrey is about to take a long and major league skull-fucking. If you like scenes that teach you how to curtail a be consistent, and like watching rough cock sucking then do not miss that 3 part of the August live picture!

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Electo Ass Stretching

Instalment 2: This update, with the help of Phoenix and myself, is brought to by the letter A. As in ass. As in anal. As in ass fucking.

When Phoenix is brought in, she must have quickly gotten the idea as to what was in stock. WIth her ass up in doggy vein, she’s tied down to a speed rail rack and her waist was kept unhappy.

I applied sticky pads connected to 9 volt boxes to her, to keep her attention while I stretched out her ass with an assortment of electrical acrylic toys. The toys ranged in size from big to humungous, and included every electrical acrylic butt plug in Kink’s inventory (yes, that includes Stanley.)

How does the Phoenix vs. Stanley matchup advance? While Phoenix takes most of it, she can’t quite take it all. Kink’s reigning anal queen and Stanley’s home away from home is still Kelly Devine.

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Xana Star

Beautiful large breasted women look so sexy suspended by their wrists but few can take it…especially whilst being flogged and sprayed with cold not work! Xana is exceptional and as a reward is hung sideways and given a water orgasm before Chanta fucks her and dunks her head in our new clear pan! Seeing Xana’s eyes roll back underwater as she climaxes is thrilling to say the least!

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Alicia Stone, Sienna, and Isis Love Part 1 of 4 of the February Live Show.

Live Show Mondays brings you the Star of the February live show that featured Alicia Stone, Sienna, and sexy co-top Isis Posslq = ‘person of the opposite sex sharing living quarters’.

Show starts out with the girls from the Upper Floor stopping in to say hello to the two Device Bondage live feed models. All the girls have done a live feed before so they came down to reassure the new ones that they will have a fun frequently.

Bella, Jessie and Rain leave the stage and we start the show with the bondage escape stimulation. We bind both Alicia and Sienna up tightly with belts and gags. They have five minutes to get free and the winner gets to cum.

With no winner we go right into the first scene for the light of day. Both girls on a bench, spread thoroughly. We flog their helpless shaved pussies, we flog their breasts, we torture their nipples, we cane them, we make them cum over and over and we do all this time! No breaks, no let ups, we are brutal. When they both think they can’t take any more we give them more. At the end of the scene they are impoverished, and when we remind them we just got started the look on their faces is amusing.

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Holly Halston all American MILF Her massive breasts oiled watered & bound, she can’t stop cumming

Holly Halston and her massive boobs are shy away from! This all-American MILF has a body of the sort that countries would go to war past. This is our last scene with Holly. I think we will need to get her back and before you know it.

Holly is bound tightly to a custom made chairwoman. Her feet are obliged, ropes around her thighs and her arms tied, Holly has no hope for escape or even movement for that enigma. We then bind her massive boobs into a tits wrap that has Holly moaning with trouble. We add baby oil to Holly’s sexy tan firmness, then water to give her a perfect porn burnish.

We then add a huge dildo and vibrator to her hungry pussy and clit. Holly finds herself impaled on the device with no hope of getting it out of her. Soon Holly is cumming and cumming. Sweat adds to the water as we add a heavy weight to a neck tether. The choking sensation pushes Holly over the edge and the orgasms cum faster and harder! How much can she assume?

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