Jessie Palmer

Hot petite redhead Jessie takes it like a champ. In scene one she is suspended by her ankles, elbows, and hair ONLY! She loves hair bondage and moans with pleasure as her body sinks into the extreme denial. Scene two, her elbows are bound well-adjusted, up to strappado and she is placed into a forward submit. Presented with a torment scenerio, Jessie’s nipples are tied to her toes and she is brutally tickled. Scene three, she endures a hip back arch suspension with a pole jammed under her neck, keeping her head clear. Scene four, Jessie gets a floor worm tie with her wrists bound to a at opposite ends of the earth, and her hips partially suspended to present her ass. Again and again her relentless orgasms make her uncontrollably struggle against the unforgiving strict enslavement.

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Hard Bodied Slut, Felony, is Torn Apart During a Long Day of Brutal Torture

This is another of my test shoots when I first applied to Felony is as hard as they come and I wanted to show case her skills as a heavy bottom and how far she is willing to be pushed.

I have worked with her for years and over that time I have learned all of her buttons and exactly how to push them. After ripping her clothes bad, I start her off with a nasty crotch hawser. I want that pussy nice and tender for the entire lifetime.

The day goes on and the pain and torment just get more fierce. This slut, although now Domming most of the together, needed to be reminded of how much of a submissive whore she really is. The reason she is such an intense Domme on other sites, is because she is capable of taking more than she dishes inaccurate, and this update proves it.

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Inverted Nipple Stretch Infused Orgasm Station

This is behalf 1 of 4 from the October live come.

Beretta James is fastened upside down. Her ankles are chained down, her arms and legs belted to the metal with her neck strapped and chained to the loam. She can fuss around all she wants at the expense of her dazzle. Her nipples are stretched by inches as they are tied and pulled to the area.

Short of zephyr, the pressure builds, the strain of the position increases. A VDOS (vibe w/ dick on a beetle a unite) is planted into her pussy. She orgasms until her pussy fills with cum.

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Julie Night

The first time I got my hands and ropes on Julie Night I didnt know what I had. This time I did and I tried to take full comfort. Julie loves servitude, loves pain and loves to delight. I was sure pleased and I hope you are too.

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Melody Jordan Contorted in Severe Rope Bondage

Hot pro ballet dancer Melody Jordan gets challenged with positions of extreme bendability. In scene one she is suspended in a sideways straddle split interruption. Scene two, a deep straddle squat. Scene three, a one leg up extreme shrewd. Scene four, bent folded, and violated. Each position that she suffers through Mark Davis is her cruel sadistic drill. Urging her to take more and endure each piece of pain with cane, cock, cum, clamps, and his own pleasure in seeing her suffer.

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Dana DeArmond, is still one of toughest bondage models of our lifetimes.

Dana DeArmond once again show why we consider one of the toughest bondage models out there. Hogtied was Dana’s first shoot in the adult business some two and a half years ago. For most models as time passes their interest in doing hard bondage tends to draw to a close, but not Dana. She just loves it and gets better every year. Breath treat cavalierly, tickling, severe servitude, suspensions, hard orgasms and the most weight we ever put on a crotch tether. Dana takes it all and wants more.

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A Whip Dance for Master Acworth

The house slaves get a lesson in Scotch 101 by Mr. Mogul in preparation for Acworth’s evening in. Nonetheless, upon his passenger, they are caught with no cigars and no additional bitches for the Master of the House to play with! To make up for this lamentable site, Rossi performs a pole dance that turns into a face fucking bondage area.

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Bratty Princess Penny cuckolds her teacher in front of the class!

This is one FILTHY cuckolding shoot you DO NOT want to fail to keep! Welcome Princess Penny to Divine Bitches! Princess Penny is a college do-ed at a private creed. She is everything a princess should be, adorable and bratty! Mr. Rock looses himself in her charms and ends up naked in front of the class bent over and spanked by the spunky little cutie! He’s made to lick her filthy shoes clean and totally humiliated in front of the other students. This of course gets filthy Mr Rock pervert all excited and he thinks Penny is going to give him a mercy fuck but instead she rams him in the ass with her strap-on, makes him suck her boyfriends cock to get it hard for her to fuck then she fucks her boyfriend with Mr. Rock getting a first row view of the business! But, don’t feel so bad for Mr. Sway, Penny is nice enough to stroke her boyfriend off and spray his entire load into Mr. Rock’s ball gagged tete–tete!

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The apocalypse and the last piece of man meat on earth!

San Francisco; the last city left on earth after the apocalypse. The Armory; the last building standing is transformed into an hospital. The Divine Bitches; scouring the earth with the one torture device they wouldn’t lose during the mass murder. They search for one last piece of man meat to use and berate……………He survived the apocalypse but can he survive The DIVINE bitches??!!

This update includes medical ide fixe, CBT, flogging, breath put on, servitude, anal sexual congress, multiple orgasms and two of the smokin hottest latex clad evil nurses you’ve ever seen!

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Stefanos’ Brunch

The House Steward hosts a brunch for the local BDSM Community.

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